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Hiking at Aural, the highest mountain in Cambodia

Aural the highest mountain in Cambodia 0

Aural is the tallest peak in Cambodia. It is 1,813 meters tall. It is in the eastern part of the Cardamom Mountains. To protect the biodiversity of the mountains, Phnom Aural Wildlife Sanctuary was established.This mountain in located in Aoral District, Kampong Speu Province.

Aural the highest mountain in Cambodia 1

We spent 3 days and 2 nights there…COOL…!!

From February 20th,2016 to February 22nd, 2016, we climbed up the mountain and spent 2 nights on it. We went by car from Phnom Penh to Kampong Speu province. Then we continued to the Sre Ken village in Aural district where we stopped by the chef of village Sre Ken ‘s house because the car could not reach the mountain. We ride Kor Yun from chef of village Sre Ken ‘s house. We spent almost 2 hours to reach the mountain where we can start our hiking.

There are 3 levels on the mountain where we could stop and do the camping. We camped first night in the level 1 (~650meter height) and the 2nd night in the level 2 (~1150 meters height). The peak of the mountain we could not stay because there is no water nearby. We just climbed to see the greatest view from the top then we have to come back and camp in the level 2. The last day, we went back from the level 2 straight to the bottom.

Aural the highest mountain in Cambodia 3

Aural the highest mountain in Cambodia 2

A 1,400-Year-Old Ginkgo Tree in China


This towering 1,400-year-old  ginkgo tree is located within the walls of the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple in the Zhongnan Mountains in China. Every autumn the green leaves on this ancient tree turn bright yellow and fall into a golden heap on the temple grounds drawing tourists from the surrounding area.

The ginkgo tree, also known as the maidenhair, is sometimes referred to as a “living fossil” because, despite all the drastic climate changes, it has remained unchanged for more than 200 million years. It is a living link to the times when the dinosaurs ruled the earth.

ZIKA and Pregnant Women


‘Bambi Table’ Bends Gracefully at the Knees

adjustable-bambi-faun-tableadjustable-height-wood-table 1

adjustable-coffee-dining-tables 2

Scholarship for Cambodia to India for 2016-2017

scholarship to India - 2015

scholarship to India 2- 2015

Ke Leng wins gold medal again in Women Petanque World Championships 2015

ke-leng_world petanque 2015

Ke Leng, the 2013 Petanque World Champion and 2015 Southeast Asia Petanque Championships gold medallist, returned to a heroine’s welcome on Sunday evening after returning from the successful defense of her title in this year’s 15th Women Petanque World Championships, which was held in Bangkok, Thailand between Wednesday and Sunday.
The Cambodian athlete, winner of 18 gold, 10 silver and 11 bronze medals in her storied career, won her latest silverware in her defeat of Tunisian counterpart Mouna Beji by a score of 33-25 in the grand final on Saturday.
Prior to her victory she had captured a gold medal at the 2015 Southeast Asia Petanque Championships held in Phnom Penh in April. The veteran star was duly honored for her achievements by Prime Minister Hen Sen at a ceremony that month. After her meeting with the Prime Minister, Ms. Leng was joined by athletes, coaches and sport officials in a procession around Independence Monument, which continued to Samdech Techo Park and ended at the Olympic Stadium.

The Dangers Of Social Media to the Children

 Girl Edition

I found a youtube video (above) about the The Dangers Of Social Media of the Children and it is impressed me much as in my country now the parents seem not care about these problems at all. Somes even enourage their kid to use social media such as Facebook, Tweeter… and somes even create the account for their children. It my country, the parents think that if their kids can use social media, it show their intelligence to use computer and internet. These video is a very good example about the danger that could happen to your kids.

Boy Edition

Unable to switch printers in Excel 2010

It happened to my colleague’s laptop in last 2 days. She has windows 7 64 bits as an operating system. She called to me for help as I used to help her fixing her computer’s problem twice. She has Microsoft Office 2010. In her office, she connects to 3 printers (Canon and HP). After changing one of the Cannon printers to the new model, her MS EXCEL is unabled her to switch printers. Beside MS Excel, the others softwares(Ms Word, Power Point, Adobe Acrobat…) seem have no any problems.

I started to look for the solution throught the internet and I found one. It is working perfectly with this problem. It is because her computer is unabled to set the default printer which appear as Error 0x00000709 when I tried to set the new printer as her default printer.


When the problem of setting DFAULT PRINTER has been solve, the error of her MS EXCEL is also over.

(Click here for How to troubleshooting the Error Unable to Set Default Printer)





Windows 7 error 0x00000709 – Unabled to Set Default Printer



Here’s how to troubleshoot:

1. Click the Start button and type “regedit”, then right click and “run as administrator”



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